Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Evolution of consciousness

The film, I, Robot suggested a revolutionary destiny for sentient beings. Ofcourse, this case at hand concerned robots, but what if it was an allusion to what may come of us humans? The film is loosely based on a collection of reknowned author Issac Assimov's science fiction novels. Several scientists as well as religious mystics often share the view that we as human beings are constantly evolving : that this stage of homo-sapiens may not be the end, just the means to another end. This is often referred to in religious mysticism as "Union between lord and servant" or the merging of the individual consciousness into the divine universal consciousness.

I, Robot was a mediocre plot driven by CGI's that simply don't startle anymore. However, the underlying theme that is implied is that of a plausible evolution of mechanical beings (not to be taken as referring to merely robots) into super beings, with an evolved mind and free will. In this story, one so called "mutated" robot Sunny bears testimony to the fact that robots can also evolve...As their consciousness evolves, their bodies evolve simultaneously to compliment this evolution of robotic consciousness. Interesting...



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